Because we shape the future.
Because we
shape the future.

Location VogtlandLiving in Vogtland

Work and Family, city and country side, shopping centers and nature – not opposites here in the Vogtland region. The key elements that make life enjoyable can be discovered here.

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My VogtlandFamily ties and circle of friends

She never wanted to leave the Vogtland region. She is a local Vogtland person through and through with her strong regional and family ties: the deputy director of the Plauen Vocational Training Centre (BTZ) knows what the region has to offer.

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The Vogtland RegionSystima GmbH

What do you do if you are unable to realise your own visions or ideas as an employee? You either change your job or you do your own thing. The young entrepreneurs, Martin Olma and Tim Spranger, dared to take the bold step of going self-employed and founded their “Systima GmbH” company – a start-up that has specialised in developing, manufacturing and assembling machines and complete systems.

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