Because we shape the future.
Because we
shape the future.

Location VogtlandLiving in Vogtland

Work and Family, city and country side, shopping centers and nature – not opposites here in the Vogtland region. The key elements that make life enjoyable can be discovered here.

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My VogtlandFamily ties and circle of friends

She never wanted to leave the Vogtland region. She is a local Vogtland person through and through with her strong regional and family ties: the deputy director of the Plauen Vocational Training Centre (BTZ) knows what the region has to offer.

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The Vogtland RegionMandy Turreck

We all make use of services on a regular basis – whether this involves visiting the hairdresser once a month, seeking advice from a travel agent or even having our favourite shoes repaired by the shoemaker round the corner. However, we find it difficult to hand over responsibility when it comes to housekeeping.

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