Location VogtlandLiving in Vogtland

Opposites elsewhere can be simply combined in Vogtland. The result: higher quality of life at affordable costs and excellent career perspectives.

Urban and rural areas

You can reach the countryside from the city within minutes. Centrally located shopping malls and picturesque lakes are available in equally short distances. Reminiscent cafés, the theatre and museums invite you to spend a relaxing leisure time just as hiking trails and winter sport options do. Long distances do not exist. Thanks to an excellent road network and a well-developed public transportation system you always get to your destination quickly and comfortably.

Work and Family

Your family will also profit from that: short distances result in more time for your beloved ones. Even during working hours your family is taken care of: numerous well equipped day care centers offer a varied range of professional child care. Family is more than just a word for us in Vogtland.

Conscious Living: healthy diets and living in your own home

Living life conscious together: this is pure quality of life. It starts with habitation. Beautiful real estate is abundant: spacious city apartments, enchanting houses with an attached garden or traditional four-sided farmyards.

You value healthy and economically sustainable food? You can get first hand fresh fruits and vegetables as well as local meat, cheese and sausages – direct sellers, farm shops and traditional weekly markets guarantee freshness and quality at fair prices.

Explore the Vogtland

You can explore the Vogtland best via bike or on foot. No matter if you choose the well marked nature trails or our quality hiking trails through the woods and idyllic valleys, the Vogtland will delight you.

During winter time the untouched forests turn into a paradise for ski touring enthusiasts and nature lovers. Diverse ski slopes, family-friendly sledging hills and cross-country skiing trails turn the snow-covered Vogtland into a dream destination for every winter fan. How would you like a winter family picknick with Stollen, punch and a panoramic view?

Check out www.vogtland-tourismus.de for additional information!

Important InformationThe Vogtland in numbers

Based on annual surveys of the Education Agency of Saxony and the Saxonian State Office for Statistics the following current numbers are available:

Education sector

  • 55 elementary schools (including private schools)
  • 20 high schools (up to 10th grade)
  • 8 high schools (up to 12th grade)
  • 3 vocational school centers
  • 1 schooling center for children with learning difficulties
  • 6 special assistance schools
  • 2 hospital schools
  • 1 adult education center
  • 1 center for media education
  • 1 University of Cooperative Education

Healthcare sector

  • 864 doctors
  • 223 dentists
  • 61 pharmacies
  • 8 hospitals
  • 2 rehabilitation centers