Family-friendly and Socialuvex group

The key to success is in the hands of our employees. It is therefore important to have the right employee in the right position at the right time.

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The Obergöltzsch Hospital

The Obergöltzsch Hospital in Rodewisch is a medical centre that provides standard care under the umbrella of the Vogtland District. It is one of the largest employers in the region. 

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GK Software AG

GK Software based in Schöneck has been a permanent fixture in the Vogtland business world for 25 years and now has offices at eleven business sites in six different countries. The technology company has to compete against major IT corporations to attract the best minds.

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Helios Klinikum Plauen

The Vogtland District has awarded a prize to the “most family-friendly company” every two years since 2008. About ten companies compete for the honour each time. The top performer in matters of “family friendliness” the last time round was the HELIOS Vogtland-Klinikum (Clinic) in Plauen. 

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Our company has been based in Treuen for 115 years and it is the employer for more than 200 people. 

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AWO Auerbach

Many of the employees at AWO Auerbach achieved their apprenticeship in good standing, taking over responsibilities with a leadership position while able to share enough quality time with their children.

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Manuela Teßmer is an executive assistant at a company in Oelsnitz that is often talked about for years: n³.

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Joint excursions, support for the offspring and help among each other: the company ESRA GmbH in Reichenbach is a role model for family friendliness.

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