Family-friendly and SocialWe are looking for the right keys to our office doors

The key to success is in the hands of our employees. It is therefore important to have the right employee in the right position at the right time.

Our employees’ workplaces are not the only things to be found behind our office doors: there is much more: responsible tasks, activities initiated by our workers and an inspiring environment, which places great importance on ongoing personal development. Many awards confirm the model training and talent management schemes at our company. We once again received the award as the “top national employer” in 2016. But we also finished second for our family-friendly attitude in the A.T. Kearney 361° Family Award in 2015. 

Our fringe benefits at the business site in Ellefeld:

  • Holiday and Christmas bonuses
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • 30 days’ holiday per annum
  • Allowances for births and weddings
  • Special leave for weddings and the marriage of children, anniversaries, births and moving house
  • Anniversary bonuses
  • Insurance for business trips
  • Further training grants
  • Staff sales outlet
  • Company car (depending on position)
  • Sports activities
  • Medical screening

Birgit Krauss – Managing Director

"As an employer in the Vogtland region, we’re well aware of our social responsibility, not just for our employees and trainees, but also for potential new workers.

We offer a modern working environment with the latest means of communication, an excellent working atmosphere and various career models.

As we’re also affected by demographic change, we’re particularly concerned to enable young employees to launch their careers with us. For example, we’re now instructing trainees in the third year in the following jobs at the company: industrial clerks, fashion sewers and fashion tailors. This enables our employees to directly pass on their experience to the next generation or even the next-but-one.

We’re particularly committed to making it easy for young women to re-enter the working world after having a baby without any fear of losing their job and flexible working hours after maternity leave. We also provide grants for placing young children in local day care centres. We deliberately support any conscious decision taken by women to combine both children and family life.

We also seek to cater for the worries and concerns of older employees – for example, if they need time off to care for parents – by adapting their working hours in a flexible manner.

The HR department supports us with advice as we face these challenges so that we’re able to find the best possible options for our employees.”

Carmen Aurich

Carmen Aurich works at UVEX SAFETY Textiles GmbH as a controller and she is a single mother of two children.

“According to statistics, I know that it’s difficult as a single parent to maintain social contacts and have a job that is secure. However, it’s possible if you have a strong will and an employer with values, standards and attitudes, which reflect a positive family policy. I have this strong will inside me and a family-friendly culture is a reality that is really lived out at UVEX SAFETY Textiles GmbH.”

Using a flexible part-time and flexi-time model, the company has enabled Carmen Aurich, after she had given birth to her children, to adapt her working hours to the time that they need with her. “This makes it very much easier to organise most of my private life.” Thanks to the flexible model for working hours at “uvex”, it is possible for Carmen Aurich, for example, to leave work earlier in order to complete the daily shopping in a more relaxed manner without the children or handle private appointments. This ensures that Ms Aurich is able to have every afternoon free to be with her children. “Particularly in these kinds of everyday situations, I’m aware of how important it is to have an open atmosphere when it comes to combining family and work and a relationship of trust with your managers – and I realise this isn’t something that you find everywhere. I’m very happy and proud to work for a company like UVEX SAFETY Textiles GmbH. It’s a company that recognises that satisfied mothers are satisfied employees and it views this as an opportunity; and it has anchored this firmly in its corporate philosophy.”

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InformationsThe uvex group

With more than 2,400 employees around the globe, we offer innovative and high-quality products to protect people in sports, leisure and their work in line with our mission statement: “protecting people”. Our focus on the production sites in Germany and Europe, the latest technologies, high safety standards and a professional quality management system form the basis for our production expertise. Our family business has existed for 90 years and is now being managed by the third generation. It has developed from a small craftsman’s business to a company with international operations. The headquarters of our family business, which has 47 branches in 22 different countries, is located in Fürth in northern Bavaria. Our international sales are also guaranteed through distribution partners. 

Our wholly owned subsidiary, UVEX SAFETY Textiles GmbH, which has its headquarters in Ellefeld, is a medium-sized company geared towards the international market in the working clothes sector. 

The Ellefeld business site in the Vogtland District
The Ellefeld business site in the Vogtland District

The centre of textile expertise epitomises an all-embracing concept, which covers all the issues involving working clothes. It offers a customer-related portfolio of services consisting of the following modules: advice for customers, various kinds of services and production, and the family business’ philosophy can be experienced at first hand: 

UVEX provides protection from head to toe,
every day, round the clock,
This is our mission:
protecting people. 

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