Our MotivationWe Are the V.®

This website is part of an image campaign – supported by the slogan “Das V sind wir.“ for the Vogtland region with its 16 cities and 21 villages with a population of approximately 230,000 inhabitants.

The Vogtland District Government remains dedicated to ongoing support for the recruitment of skilled specialists and the settlement of innovative companies. It is important to market the attractiveness of the region as a wonderful working environment and a charming environment for both retaining current inhabitants as well as for public outreach.

The newly designed identity provides the basis for the emotional marketing of the Vogtland region. This involes in particular promoting and representing the Vogtland with its distinctive profile transregionally. The marketing strategy connected with the image campaign is supposed to internally as well as externally publish and support the latest topics concerning those fields relevant to regional development.

Addressed target groups:

  • potential investors
  • potential apprentices and students
  • the Vogtland economy with its tradtional trades
  • skilled specialists with their families outside the Vogtland and living in this region

We Are the V.®Contact Information

District Office Vogtlandkreis
Office for Economic Development 
Postplatz 5 
08523 Plauen

Phone: +49 3741 300 107 1
Fax: +49 3741 3741 300 4038
E-Mail: paessler.marion(at)vogtlandkreis.de

Bei dieser Standortkampagne handelt es sich um eine vom Freistaat Sachsen geförderte Maßnahme nach der Richtlinie FR-Regio (17.04.2014 bis 30.06.2016)sowie nach den Fachkräfterichtlinien (30.06.2016 bis 28.02.2018) und (01.01.2018 bis 31.12.2019) sowie dem Regionalbudget Vogtlandkreis (01.11.2017 bis 31.10.2020).

Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert mit Steuermitteln auf Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtages beschlossenen Haushaltes.